Studio Equipment

The studio features Greg Dowling’s collection of vintage and modern microphones; pre-amplifiers from companies including Neve, API and AEA, as well as top quality converters from RME, and monitors from PMC, Rogers and Auratone.


Valve / Tube

1x Flea 47
1x Neuman M149
1x Advanced Audio 67SE


2x Austrian Audio OC818
1 x AKG 414 XLS
1x Neuman KM105 (vocal)
1x DPA Dfacto (vocal)
2x DPA 4090 (omni)
3x DPA 4099 (mounts for bass, guitar, horns, flute, piano, drums etc)
2x Lauten Audio LA-120 (cardoid & omni capsules)
4x Rode NT5 (4 cardioid, 2 omni capsules)
1x Rode NT-SF1 (1st order ambisonic)
2x Line Audio CM3 (wide cardoid)


1x AKG D25 (vintage)
1x AKG D112
1x Beyer M88 (vintage)
1x ElectroVoice RE20
2x Sennheiser 421 (vintage)
1x Sennheiser 441 (vintage)
1x Shure SM7b
1x Shure 5575 (limited edition 55 reissue)
2x Shure SM57
1x Shure SM58


1x Bang Olufsen BM5 stereo (vintage, refurbished by Xaudia)
2x Reslo Ribbon The Beeb Ribbon Mic (vintage, refurbished by Xaudia)
2x No Hype Audio LRM2 (Lundahl transformers)


Custom Neve – Blakey Boy (vintage, 2 inputs)
Neve 4081 (4 inputs, digital board)
API 3124+ (4 inputs)
AEA RPQ2 (for ribbon mics, 2 inputs)
2x RME OctaMic XTC (8 inputs each, MADI)



2x PMC two.two.6
1x PMC two.two.sub 1
2x Rogers Studio 1a (vintage)
2x Auratone 5c (vintage)


1x Quad 521f (vintage, ex BBC)
1x Auratone A2-30
2x Mackie HM800 8-way headphone amplifiers


1x Sennheiser HD 800S
2x Sennheiser HD 280pro
4x Beyer DT 770 (80 Ohm)
1x Beyer DT 100 (vintage, ex Angel Studios)
1x Beyer DT 102 (vintage, single sided, ex Angel Studios)

DAW, Convertors, Hardware

Protools 2023 Ultimate

RME UFX+ 188 Channel Audio Interface
RME M-1610 Pro 16xAD 8xDA convertor
RME ADI8 QS 8xAD 8xDA converter

Mac Mini 2019

Avid S3 Control Surface
Avid Artist Transport

2x UAD Octo Satellites (with UAD Ultimate 11)

Nakamichi DR-3 Casette Desk (refurbished)



1910s Broadwood Barless Grand (vintage, restored)
Yamaha P105 digital piano


Fender Telecaster ’52 Reissue Electric
Fender Squier Affinity Jazz Bass
Martin X Series 000X1AE Acoustic

Guitar Amps

Fender Hot Rod Deville IV
68 Custom Fender Vibra Champ Reverb Combo
Session Sessionette (vintage, restored with switchable Retrotone)